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What is CamScanner?

Mobile Scanner, Easy Scan & Share. Office documents snapshot & Smart image doc management. High-resolution scan & image editor available. Hand-written annotation & Customizable watermark generation. Available on both Android and iOS.

  • About CamScanner

    About CamScanner

    An app that allows for easy scanning of documents and sharing in various formats across different channels. As the input is from a phone camera, it also does a good job of readjusting the fringes for any background elements that are mistakenly captured.

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  • Pros and Cons

    Pros and Cons

    • Except for the watermark, the free version offers almost all necessary capabilities.
    • Easy to combine multiple scans taken.
    • Does a good job of removing any background elements.
    • A bit pricey for the paid versions.
  • When to use CamScanner

    When to use CamScanner

    For all scans in office, especially ones where the Camscanner watermark is not a problem.

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    Know more

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