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What is Back?

Back is an employee service platform for internal operations teams to organize and automate all employee requests and processes on one intuitive platform.

  • About Back

    About Back

    Back provides employees with a convenient way to get help and information. The platform integrates with various communication channels, so employees can submit requests the way they are used to.
    For HR, IT, office or travel management teams, Back is a centralized workflow platform to manage and respond to requests and collaborate with their co-workers.

  • Pricing


    • $45 per agent per month; trials available.
  • When to use Back

    When to use Back

    - Collect employee questions and requests across multiple platforms
    - Organize and manage all requests collaboratively
    - Automate repetitive questions and requests
    - Collect information in a structured way using forms and approvals
    - Integrate Back with your HRIS and knowledge management systems

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Back helps to make internal processes remote-friendly.
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