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Bridge the gap between strategy & execution with intuitive and robust OKR (Objective Key result) software
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Tability is a simple goal-tracking platform for OKRs, KPIs and projects. We help teams be aligned and focused on outcomes.
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OKRs is a framework to define and tracking objectives and their outcome.
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Profit is the most comprehensive and intuitive OKR platform that helps businesses execute their vision using the OKR methodology
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Koan is a collaborative way to manage goals and OKRs across organizations. Koan, a SaaS based platform, empowers companies to strengthen strategic processes and continuously deliver on objectives.
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Easily create, manage and update OKRs across popular business tools, or connect data through our API for seamless connection across systems.
People Alignment Platform
Track all your goals in one place.
Achieve your goals using personal objectives and key results
Most intuitive OKR software
The Modern Leadership Platform
Strategic goal-planning and execution management software