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WEEK OF JULY 03, 2020

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What is Chili Piper Inbox?

Chili Piper Inbox is the first email collaboration tool built to help revenue teams work together, take action, and close deals - without leaving their inbox

  • About Chili Piper Inbox

    About Chili Piper Inbox

    Chili Piper Inbox lets you save time, win as a team, and take actions faster. With features like @ mentioning to comment directly in Gmail, and visibility into account-wide email history, teams can work together in real-time directly inside their inbox

  • Pricing


    • Free Forever
    • Freemium plans available
  • When to use Chili Piper Inbox

    When to use Chili Piper Inbox

    For anyone who uses email and wants to work as a team

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Built for remote teams by a remote team. 100% focused on collaboration and teamwork across any number of cities, countries, and/or timezones
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