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What is Where?

Where provides teams with a way to know who's working from where and when, for the purpose of bringing teams together.

  • About Where

    About Where

    No more manual entries in spreadsheets or shared calendars. Automate your desk booking and team coordination in the office - 'Where' lives right in Slack so your team will actually use it.

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    • Currently in Beta
  • When to use Where

    When to use Where

    Where is not your typical desk-booking tool. With Where you can
    - See when people in your team are going to the office so you can schedule your week.
    - Set up an office and onboard your team in 3 minutes.
    - Setup via Slack, so no passwords or new accounts.
    - Update your schedule, see where your team will be working from, right in Slack.
    - Divide your office into spaces, set capacity limits and manage desk allocation.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • With Where you can see who is around the office and schedule your days accordingly.
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Where Reviews

  • Tanya

    Simple to use and navigate. Great tool for remote teams to stay in sync, without all the pings and distractions.

           reply     0      over 2 years ago

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