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What is Elium?

Elium is a knowledge base for growing remote teams.

  • About Elium

    About Elium

    Elium is a knowledge-sharing platform that helps you easily build a central hub for remote teams that need to organise and access crucial content to get work done. Burn less time & cash finding the right information, you’ll focus on what’s essential: growing your teams & running your business! Forget about endless informative meetings, exploding mailboxes, overloaded Slack channels and hours spent re-finding that file you need “somewhere on the drive”.

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  • When to use Elium

    When to use Elium

    Use Elium to build, organise and access crucial content to get work done.
    Elium is a modern knowledge sharing solution that allows an organisation to better capitalise and grow its teams around key documentation.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Slack/Teams can't be use to store most relevant documents and communicate efficiently with your coworkers. Asynchronous communication is the key to success. We offer a 20% discount on monthly Team plan for Remote.tools community.
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