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About Flowbar

Flowbar is the new bookmarking tool, tabs organizer, session saver, cpu liberator & mind declutterer. Lives on the cloud, syncs on every computer, easy to use, minimal but functional.

Flowbar - Details & Top Features

Flowbar is a Tabs & Bookmark Manager to make your life easier and more organized. - Save all open tabs instantly to remove clutter and free up memory. - Create multiple groups to save most important links for work, hobbies, and any other links that you open every day. - Save individual tabs into existing groups or create a new one. - Move your tabs between groups to re-organize.

Flowbar pricing - How much does Flowbar cost?

  • Free version available.

  • Relevance to Remote Work

    Flowbar is a tabs & bookmark manager to make remote workers life easier and more organized.

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