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What is Gleek.io?

Gleek.io is a diagram maker focused on speed ⏱
- typing code is much faster than drag-and-drop
- for developers, it is more natural to write than to draw
- type to generate a diagram with connections

  • About Gleek.io

    About Gleek.io

    What types of diagrams can you make with Gleek?

    ✅ Software architecture diagrams
    ✅ UML class & object diagrams
    ✅ Entity-relationship diagrams
    ✅ Sequence diagrams
    ✅ Flowcharts
    ✅ Mind maps

    The features:
    ➡ 16 different shapes to use
    ➡ Various connections based on the diagram type
    ➡ Diagrams saved locally in a browser as well as on servers
    ➡ Dashboard with the overview of your diagrams
    ➡ Templates

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  • When to use Gleek.io

    When to use Gleek.io

    A diagramming tool that is entirely focused on developer needs and preferences

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • A natural way for developers to collaborate when architecting solutions remotely
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