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Wondering why you even need a design collaboration tool? Here are just a few reasons why having a design collaboration tool is a must in your stack, especially if your team is remote:

  1. To facilitate clear and effective communication.

  2. They are a superior alternative to emails.

  3. Discussions over design iterations (and subsequently, collaboration) is easier. You end up not wasting time in meetings and hassle over scheduling them.

  4. It’s easy to track progress and maintain versions of your designs.

  5. Easy to prioritize tasks.

  6. Onus of tasks - There’s a clear way to know which task is assigned to whom. This avoids redundant conversations.

  7. Increase in productivity - Reduced back and forth communication, keeping the tasks and progress transparent increases your overall productivity.

Without further ado, let’s get to the list of the best design collaboration tools for remote teams.

Design Collaboration
Web-based design tool with real-time collaboration.
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Design Collaboration
End-to-end platform for design teams.
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Design Collaboration
Build engaged and productive teams
Added by Alisa
Design Collaboration
Enables designers to transform ideas into digital products.
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Design Collaboration
A connected space for product teams.
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Design Collaboration
Add visual feedback to your design and organize with version control
Added by Chris Chae
Design Collaboration
Platform independent collaboration tool for designers.
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Design Cuts
Design Collaboration
A stream of fresh design products and designers
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Design Collaboration
A tool for powerful prototyping and developer handoff
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