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What is Hypernotes?

Hypernotes is a digital knowledge management solution for teams, perfect for wikis, intranets, documentation, and intelligent content

  • About Hypernotes

    About Hypernotes

    Hypernotes lets you express your knowledge in a natural way – easy to create, easy to expand. Everything is connected, and so is your knowledge: It forms a network.

    With Hypernotes you easily create a semantic network of your knowledge.

    Whether for personal use or for your business, it helps you collect your knowledge and share it with others

  • Pricing


    • Free personal plan
    • Plus plan is for €8/ month
    • Business plan is for €19/ month
    • Complete Pricing
  • When to use Hypernotes

    When to use Hypernotes

    If you want to collect, link and gather knowledge as a team together in one place

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • It has collaborative features and helps teams find important knowledge instantly
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