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What is Kallu Conference Call?

Free conference call over the phone. Easy, unlimited, worldwide, reliable.

  • About Kallu Conference Call

    About Kallu Conference Call

    Kallu.cc is simply a free, unlimited and worldwide conference call service over the phone that everyone can use for personal or professional purposes. 📞

    You and your attendees just call one of our 50+ local phone numbers 🌍, dial in your access code 🔒 and enjoy your free conference call ✨ No lag issue, no internet needed, no limit in term of usage, no hidden fees, no tricks. 🤘

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  • When to use Kallu Conference Call

    When to use Kallu Conference Call

    Kallu can be used whenever a conference call over the phone is needed, at the office, on the road, when wifi is weak...
    It's designed for everyone who needs a quick and reliable collaboration tool: freelancers, entrepreneurs with large teams or small ones, independent workers as lawyers or consultants and obviously remote workers

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Free and works everywhere with everyone as long as you have a phone
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