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About Kantree

The flexible work management platform to unleash collective intelligence. Kantree helps teams across your company to organize, plan, and manage their work on their own terms.

Kantree - Details & Top Features

Organize anything and manage any kind of projects. Kantree is the combination of a friendly database & work management software. It replaces clunky spreadsheets and tons of emails with an easy to use, fast, and collaborative platform to improve your team communication and efficiency.

Kantree pricing - How much does Kantree cost?

  • Free 30-day trial, then 7€/user/month (Kantree Enterprise option available for larger teams)
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    Relevance to Remote Work

    Free 30-day trial, volume discounts for Kantree Enterprise; Kantree is developed by Digicoop - a remote-first startup - and its values are translated into the product. Kantree is designed as a project HQ for remote teams. Features: real-time communication, offline support, available on all mobile devices, integration with your favorite services.

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