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What is Kbee?

Kbee transforms your Google Docs into a searchable and branded knowledge base. Write your articles in Docs and relax. Kbee takes care of publishing and updating articles in your knowledge base

  • About Kbee

    About Kbee

    Traditional knowledge base software forces you into a new authoring workflow with a subpar text-editor.

    Google Docs is a best-in-class text editor, with real-time collaboration, comments. You may be creating drafts in Google Docs and moving them into your knowledge base today!

    Kbee extends Google Docs to create a professional knowledge base without compromising the authoring experience

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  • When to use Kbee

    When to use Kbee

    1. When teams are writing down their internal SOPs in Google Docs and need an easy way to share this info internally

    2. When teams need to create a public-facing help center for their customers

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Kbee lets you do more with tools you're already familiar with
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