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What is Goals?

KeepSolid Goals empowers businesses to move faster and achieve its targets by planning and performing tasks with a single global goal in mind.

  • About Goals

    About Goals

    KeepSolid Goals provides a project management workspace where business owners and managers can collaborate on project planning. This ensures that the emerging strategies are grounded and realistic, and are thus more likely to succeed. Also, this allows PMs track important KPIs, establish strict change management, and stay up to speed on the project development.

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  • When to use Goals

    When to use Goals

    When planning strategy, managing projects or in general, collaboration

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • KeepSolid Goals is the perfect solution for remote teams. You can control work progress and workload of all team members. You can ask for a discount through our contact form.
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