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What is Noty?

Noty extension automatically transcribes Google Meet calls and generates summaries, tasks and events.

  • About Noty

    About Noty

    You can use Noty with a few simple steps -

    - Start Google Meet in Chromium browser (Google Chrome, Opera, Brave, Microsoft Edge)
    - Get a real-time transcript (an easily readable format, speakers labeling, timecodes)
    - Get meeting notes, summaries with keywords, highlights, action items (for English-speaking meetings)
    - Review, edit, save and share (integrated with Google Docs)

  • Pricing


    • Free Version
  • When to use Noty

    When to use Noty

    Companies looking for a productivity tool to make their meetings more productive can use Noty.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • It is a productivity tool for remote workers.
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