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WEEK OF APRIL 02, 2021

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What is oVice?

oVice creates a 2D virtual spaces for lifelike communication. Virtually walk, talk, and interact in a space that's easily customizable and manageable at oVice

  • About oVice

    About oVice

    oVice offers 2D virtual spaces where you interact as an avatar and connect with others around you just like in-person.

    You can move around, walk, and talk to anyone swiftly with one click of a button.

    Featuring seamless integration of API, static objects, plugins, and premade layouts, you can customize your space, build rooms, and make it fun and secure for your team

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  • When to use oVice

    When to use oVice

    Remote teams, event hosts, universities, and communities

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Remote workers can use it as a virtual office/coworking space with their team
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  • Metsuki

    I can only say one thing. If you want to know how it feels using oVice, take a free tour at:
    https://tour-en.ovice.in 🙌

           reply     2      10 months ago
  • Maya
    @mbenzid, Content Creator, oVice, Inc.

    Howdy Remoters!
    This is Maya from the oVice team!
    Let me tell you the backstory of how oVice was born!

    2020 has been a challenging year forcing most people to adapt to the new remote-work reality. Working in a multicultural company made it more difficult to reach each other and achieve both formal and informal communication at the same time. We started using Zoom just like most people did but having to arrange daily 45-minute video calls was exhausting and anxious. So we decided to replicate our normal office life in a virtual space and make it more fun and productive.

    Your physical space but at oVice. A virtual space where everyone can virtually walk around, have side-conversations, and collaborate just like in the real world in one click of a button! Easy and quick!

    Everyone is loving oVice, and we’re sure that you’ll love it too 🧡

    How to get started at oVice? Everything is in your hands 🙌

    🖼️ Build your virtual world with the rules of reality
    oVice offers a large variety of background layouts to choose where you want to hang out. Whether it’s a coworking lab, a university lounge, or even a concert!

    🎨 Customize your space
    Build lockable rooms, add animated objects like embedded games, YouTube videos, and posters!

    🔐 Make it yours only
    At oVice, we take your privacy and security very seriously! Have a wide range of functions that can make your space as personal and private as possible (WebHooks, Whitelisted domains/passwords, API integration). The keys are yours 😉

    📤 Invite others to join you
    Send your space link to your team, friends, or community so they can join in!

    🌐 Explore oVice and meet us
    Wherever you come from, visit our public tour spaces and we’ll be more than happy to show you around! We offer live support so feel free to hop in and say ‘Hi’ 😸
    Come and cowork with us: https://tour-en.ovice.in

    Thanks for passing by oVice!

           reply     4      10 months ago
  • 김새중

    This is so much fun! Loving it!

           reply     1      10 months ago
  • Hanen fathallah

    This Product is magic and saved my life, thank you for making it .

           reply     1      10 months ago
  • Mitsuru Uchida

    I’m running my own company in Japan.
    Our company started using oVice from last November and trying many situation.

    This virtual space tool oVice is very nice and comfortable system, and it is very suitnable for our online meeting or online recture.

    The world famous online meeting system, for example Zoom or Cisco Webex or G meet and so on, they are also nice system for online meeting. But my feeling against them is very formal system.
    It is good for very high officallity meeting, but our company’s crew and customers let us know more casual talking,more chatting without official.

    The COVID-19 is stealing a lot of small chatting from our life, job, meeting, brainstorming and more because of reduce real meet for not expand COVID-19 injured people.
    But small chatting sometimes with joking makes us happy, funny, fun, and makes relationship around people.
    High officiality online meeting systems are difficult for the small chatting like real situation.

    Our company recommending oVice cannot only making official and unoffcial meeting, but also small chatting, party, Alumni Association, 1on1, spitting out a soft sound… etc, very similar for real world conversation.

    Please try oVice at your office, at your division, at your school, at your community!
    If you have interest about oVice, please don’t think in your brain what it is. please do visit oVice page! You can get good experiences from it.

    English version
    Japanese version

    Thank you for your long text reading.

           reply     1      10 months ago

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