Virtual Office:Remo.co - Logo
Remo is a video-first virtual workspace for remote and distributed teams that fosters real-time collaboration and strengthens company culture.
Virtual Office:oVice - Logo
oVice creates a 2D virtual spaces for lifelike communication. Virtually walk, talk, and interact in a space that's easily customizable and manageable at oVice
Virtual Office:Wurkr - Logo
Wurkr is a video platform that replicates your physical office - online! You can communicate and work with your distributed or remote colleagues visibly and in real-time wherever they may be.
Virtual Office:Remotion - Logo
Remotion is a virtual office that helps hybrid-remote teams connect like everyone's together. Makes room for more than work with coworking rooms that promote spontaneous conversation.
Virtual Office:Wisepath - Logo
Wisepath is a virtual office platform that enables teams to organize their work, combining messages, voice calls, tasks, notes and file storage.
Virtual Office:Fres.co - Logo
Fres.co is a tool that helps to deliver engaging workshops by breaking out of the classic grid-based video call. We help facilitators deliver awesome workshops online
Virtual Office:Kosy Office - Logo
Kosy is a virtual office for companies to be more connected, social, and productive where teammates can work, play, network, and collaborate together
Virtual Office:WTEAM - Logo
WTEAM is a virtual workplace for remote & distributed teams. Make video calls, co-work, and chat in one click and celebrate success
Virtual Office:Spot - Logo
Spot is a 3D virtual platform loaded with the collaboration and communication functionality a high-performing team needs: voice and video, screen-sharing, and chat all at the team's fingertips
Virtual Office:VirtualOffice.team - Logo
VirtualOffice.team brings back the energy of working in the same room again. Create and enjoy moments of serendipity and foster team spirit and communication
Virtual Office:qube - Logo
qube is a virtual office that enables you to feel connected and grounded. See who's chatting with coworkers, out of the office, or stepped out for lunch.
Virtual Office:Virbela - Logo
Virbela brings people together to work, learn, meet, and train in an immersive virtual world – from anywhere
Virtual Office:eWorkspace - Logo
eWorkspace is a virtual office platform that enables coworkers to collaborate and work together remotely.
Virtual Office:Loop Team - Logo
Bringing the best parts of working in an office to distributed teams to help them communicate faster, capture and disseminate face-to-face discussions, and stay more connected than ever.
Virtual Office:MeetinVR - Logo
We’re making human interaction more intuitive and effective than in real life by creating a new reality, optimized for teamwork and collaboration
Virtual Office:Pragli - Logo
Pragli is a virtual office for teammates to feel more present with their remote team.
Virtual Office:Samespace Online - Logo
Samespace Online makes the communication of distributed teams more productive and helps them feel connected and engaged. No links, no extra apps
Virtual Office:UnderPinned's Virtual Office - Logo
From proposal to payment, one subscription. UnderPinned gives freelancers the tools to find work, manage work, and get paid (on time)
Virtual Office:Sococo - Logo
Sococo is an online workspace where distributed teams come to work together each day, side-by-side
Virtual Office: RemoteHQ - Logo
Work together in ways that go beyond video chat. Co-browse and co-edit any web app, share files, take notes, whiteboard, screen share, video chat, and more. All in a single browser tab.
Virtual Office:Spatial - Logo
Spatial allows users to turn any room into an immersive shared augmented reality workspace
Virtual Office:Kumospace - Logo
Kumospace is an immersive group video chat tool. Its virtual spaces combine the fun and creativity of video games with the simplicity and security of video conferencing
Virtual Office:High Fidelity - Logo
High Fidelity creates a 3D audio experience that mirrors real life. Move fluidly from group chats to one-on-one conversations in a virtual space that feels like an in-person party or event
Virtual workspace for remote and distributed teams.
Spark Your Remote Communication
Video platform that replicates your physical office - online!
Put your hybrid-remote team on your desktop.
Virtual office for remote teams
All in one tool for teams and project management
Fun and engaging virtual workshops
Kosy is a virtual office for teams to work and socialise
All-in-one virtual office for remote and distributed teams
The Virtual Hub for Your Organization
Feel like a team again
Virtual Office, Internal Communication, Teambuilding
Not an office replacement, but a better way to work.
The future of work
Virtual Office Platform
Virtual Office for Distributed Teams
VR business meetings better than in real life
Virtual office for teammates to communicate well with their team
Help your remote team to stay focused and productive
One subscription to manage your whole freelance business
Sococo is an online workspace for distributed teams
Real-time collaboration for distributed teams
AR workspace for remote collaboration
Immersive video chat platform, built for groups
Online audio spaces that mimic real-life gatherings