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What is P.A.D.A.?

P.A.D.A. is a template for better meeting invites. It improves your productivity and provides ways to keep the conversation on track.

  • About P.A.D.A.

    About P.A.D.A.

    P.A.D.A. stands for Purpose, Agenda, Documents, and Actions.
    With Purpose we define the outcome of the meeting, keeping participants aligned.
    With Agenda we provide steps to achieve the goal keeping the meeting order.
    With Documents we provide documentation to be read before the meeting, to save time.
    And with Actions you defined things participants should do before, so to involve participants actively.

  • Pricing


    • It's free and opensource.
  • When to use P.A.D.A.

    When to use P.A.D.A.

    When having meetings that requires a particular outcome.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • By saving everyone's time by avoiding long meetings.
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