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What is PDF Reader?

With PDF Reader, you're able to not just sign documents anytime, access your files on any device, but you'll also have tools you need to stay productive when it comes to PDF's and other file formats.

  • About PDF Reader

    About PDF Reader

    PDF Reader is an all-encompassing PDF tool that works on all devices and platforms. You're able to sign documents wherever you are, locate and edit specific files with just a few taps and view not just PDFs, but 11 other file formats while never leaving the app. Viewing and editing PDFs is not just easy, it's also quite enjoyable, while the mobility of switching between the devices lets you to stay on top of your game .

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    • There's a free version available, and a $4.99 a month version as well, with in-app purchases offered.
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  • When to use PDF Reader

    When to use PDF Reader

    PDF Reader is a productivity tool that everyone will find useful in one way or another. The ability to view all kinds of file formats while having a large array of tools in your disposal and to edit PDF's makes working with PDF's easy and enjoyable.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • We all have to work with or edit PDFs at some point in our lives, and some of us have to do it daily. PDF Reader simplifies this process, allowing the user to get the job done quickly anytime and on any device.
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