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Process Street

About Process Street

Process Management frees you from worrying about all the details.
Keep your team organized. Assign or automate tasks. Track progress. Train new employees.

Process Street - Details & Top Features

Process Street is a Business Process Management tool that lets you build intelligent checklists to help manage your recurring tasks and workflows. You can run processes as collaborative workflows and assign checklists or tasks to team members. Using Zapier, Process Street can integrate with over 1000+ apps to automate tasks. You are able to automatically schedule and assign workflows, and update your other apps when actions happen inside Process Street.

Process Street pricing - How much does Process Street cost?

  • Business ($12.5/user/month), Business Pro ($25/user/month), Enterprise (Custom)
  • Check out the complete pricing options for Process Street.

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    Relevance to Remote Work

    Being a remote team ourselves, we know what the community needs to thrive at work. Process Street caters to remote teams by enabling seamless team collaboration and communication with features like Role Assignments, Dynamic Due Dates, Inbox, in-app comments and tags, email reminders, etc. Process Street allows for team-wide progress tracking which helps remote team members stay up to date on everyone's status. Remote teams use apps to manage their work and Process Street integrates with 1,000+ apps via Zapier.

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