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8 Competitors to JIRA Software

An evaluation platform to hire developers.

When to use JIRA Software

Ideal when you don't want to move to a separate tool primarily for bug tracking

JIRA Software Competitor 1 - Github Issues
A simple tracker attached to your code repository.

When to use Github Issues

Ideal to keep track of major changes required for releases. Also, great to track customer requests.

JIRA Software Competitor 2 - Toybox
Collect visual feedback from your team and clients directly on your site.

When to use Toybox

1. Toybox works great if you're a freelancer or agency who wants to gather feedback from clients.

2. Toybox is great for internal product development teams - allowing teams to easily QA or give feedback on the site.

3. You can also install the Toybox snippet and gather feedback from anonymous visitors (i.e. your customers, beta users, etc.)

JIRA Software Competitor 3 - Zoho Bug Tracker
A simple, fast and scalable bug tracking application.

When to use Zoho Bug Tracker

Ideal when you need a good amount of customization.

JIRA Software Competitor 4 - DoneDone
A simple bug and issue tracker.

When to use DoneDone

Ideal for large teams collaborating on multiple projects. Gives you a great view and editing ability across projects.

JIRA Software Competitor 5 - Sifter
Sifter offers a simple, intuitive interface to manage bugs.

When to use Sifter

Ideal for small teams and when you need a simple, elegant solution for core issue tracking.

JIRA Software Competitor 6 - ReQtest
A cloud-based software development and maintenance management tool.

When to use ReQtest

Ideal when you plan to have an extensive testing phase and need advanced tracking/ management

JIRA Software Competitor 7 - Deep Work Stats
Track how much time you have for deep and shallow work

When to use Deep Work Stats

If you want to get more time for deep work so you can do your best work.

JIRA Software Competitor 8 - Assist
Instant terminal sharing from anywhere. Unblock your remote team

When to use Assist

Type `assist` in the terminal when you need help in the command line. Great for debugging broken builds, messy merge conflicts etc.