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9 Competitors to Birdseye

Task clarity for freelancers, agencies, and startups

When to use Birdseye

If you deal with various teams that use different project management tools, Birdseye will place tasks from all of them into one simple view.

Birdseye Competitor 1 - Azendoo
Project and task management application

When to use Azendoo

For teams looking for a complete solution to track time, analyse efficiency and collaborate with clients or contractors at scale while optimising personal and team work.
For freelancers with several projects and clients to collaborate with.

Birdseye Competitor 2 - Zenhub
Team collaboration solution

When to use Zenhub

Plan roadmaps, use taskboards and generate automated reports directly from your team's work in GitHub.

Birdseye Competitor 3 - ClickUp
Plan, organize and collaborate

When to use ClickUp

ClickUp serves teams of all sizes who are looking to increase productivity and team collaboration. Whether you are in development, marketing, design or any other field, ClickUp can be catered to the needs of your Team.

Birdseye Competitor 4 - WP Project Manager
Unify your work management

When to use WP Project Manager

If you are looking to manage your team remotely and improve team efficiency, WP Project Manager is for you.

Birdseye Competitor 5 - Shipit
Keep your product roadmap up-to-date

When to use Shipit

When you need a process to manage your digital product (roadmap, prioritisation, customer feedback, team communication) but are lost in all the advanced tools on the Internet

Birdseye Competitor 6 - Resolvd
Professional task manager app for tech teams.

When to use Resolvd

Resolvd App is for you if:
- You and your team spend more time to focus on task management rather than on execution itself.
- You find yourself struggling to filtering and search for priorities to work on (especially due to big number of low level tasks).
- Your team experiencing difficult and irrelevant collaboration.

Birdseye Competitor 7 - Nifty
Consolidate all your work in one place.

When to use Nifty

Nifty is suitable for SMB's, established companies, and enterprise corporations to enable cross-department communication, collaboration, and workflow management.

Birdseye Competitor 8 - Cage
Media collaboration and project workflow for in-house teams

When to use Cage

Media Collaboration
Project Management
Client Service & Review
Cage for Chrome
Cage for Dropbox
Cage for Slack

Birdseye Competitor 9 - Hello Bonsai
Everything you need to run your freelance business

When to use Hello Bonsai

It helps you to deal with all of the admin work that gets in the way of your actual job. Furthermore, it’s great for those who are just starting out. It can save you tons of time on research, as everything you need for contracts and invoicing is on the platform