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Desktop.com lets individuals & teams create and share multiple online desktops, where all of their apps, tools, and links are organized and accessible from any device at any time

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    Desktop.com makes it easier for individuals and teams to organize and manage all of their web-based tools, apps and links, by creating separate sharable desktops for each need or project, as well as making them accessible from any device at any time.

    Easily import existing bookmarks, get apps auto-suggested and explore the best web apps in the integrated app store

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    When to use

    For personal use - family management (create a sharable family desktop for utility apps, links, to-do lists documents, scheduling apps), create a shared desktop for planning events or trips with partner or friends.

    For professional use - freelancers with multiple clients using various tools (create a separate desktop with docs, links and apps for each client), small teams (shared resources, apps and all links saved in one place, access management), business owners needing an overview of apps and links used in different departments of the business

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Desktop.com is created by a 100% remote team for remote workers
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