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What is qube?

qube is a virtual office that enables you to feel connected and grounded. See who's chatting with coworkers, out of the office, or stepped out for lunch.

  • About qube

    About qube

    qube is a virtual office that enables you to work remotely.

    qube empowers virtual office life by helping remote workers feel connected and grounded.

    qube is more than just a replacement for physical walls.

    It’s a modern approach to a clean, personalizable and intuitive workspace that is truly joyful to work in.

  • Pricing


    • Now free for a limited time.
  • When to use qube

    When to use qube

    For fully remote teams or workplaces that rely on Zoom.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • qube is a virtual office that has been in usage for over 5 years. qube provides visual context without clutter to remote work that makes it easy to collaborate.
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