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What is Remote Workly?

Remoteworkly lets you create meetings that lead to successful actionable outcomes. We help teams hold fewer unwanted meetings and improve the quality of their conversations

  • About Remote Workly

    About Remote Workly

    RemoteWorkly helps teams minimise unwanted conversations by giving teams a centralised asynchronous way to communicate. You can see what each person is working on, share video updates and work towards objectives. It brings structure and success to meetings with prebuilt agendas, meeting notes and action points with auto reminders. All Connected to your favourite work tools in one place

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  • When to use Remote Workly

    When to use Remote Workly

    Use it for standups and for meetings

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Its built to help with asynchronous communication. Record video updates, share stand ups and also have complete oversight of team activities. In addition you can share meeting notes in 1 click in case someone didn't attend the meeting
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