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What is Scrumie?

Scrumie gives you a simple overview of the work done in your team, team members’ availability, and much more. Slack integration is available and more are coming soon.

  • About Scrumie

    About Scrumie

    Scrumie’s main goal is to keep your team in sync without the need for endless meetings or checking dozens of assigned tasks in multiple tools. Scrumie makes it easier - you have all information about the team progress, availability, and much more in one place.
    Slack integration and custom apps (Project Reports, Accounting) are available. More are coming soon!

  • Pricing


    • Free while in beta version.
  • When to use Scrumie

    When to use Scrumie

    Scrumie is suitable for both team managers and team members. They all appreciate the teamwork overview, team availability, and more.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • We've released the Scrumie's beta version, which is free to use for any team.
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Scrumie Reviews

  • Marek Štepita

    Scrumie - coment
    Hi there remote workers 👋, I am Marek from Scrumie and I am excited to share it with you today!

    Besides Scrumie I am managing an IT company with remote clients and some remote employees and we have faced a number of issues while trying to manage our teams - until we developed Scrumie. 🎉

    Since Scrumie helped us a great deal not just in these hard times - we are offering it for free to you as well to overcome the same issues we have faced with managing remote teams. 🤗

    Why did we develop Scrumie?

    We were missing (especially project managers and tech leads) information about what team members have done, what they plan to do, and if they plan some vacation and more. Since we also opened a small remote branch, we also faced common problems with remote teams. All of the mentioned issues led us to arrange dozens of endless sync-up meetings which took us much time.

    Everything put together, we needed to solve the problem. Since we couldn’t find a suitable tool on the market (too complex, not user-friendly, too expensive solutions etc.), we decided to develop our own one. ⚒️

    Scrumie’s features:

    ✅ Unlimited number of workspaces, teams and users
    🔍 Detailed teamwork overview
    🗒️ Virtual daily stand-ups
    📅 Team members’ availability
    🌍 Time zones overview
    ↔️ Integrations (e.g. Slack), custom apps

    We released a public Beta version that is free to use for any company that is struggling with team management, especially in these difficult times.

    Thanks for your support and please let me know your feedback! 🙏🏻

           reply     1      about 4 years ago

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