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What is Tangish.com?

Organize your communication via our patent filed infinite level task structure. Clear communication, ensured accountability, increased visibility. Work from anywhere and track to completion.

  • About Tangish.com

    About Tangish.com

    Tangish is a patent filed product which allows you to stay on top of every single detail while allowing you to get the higher picture. It is based on a concept of breaking down a goal into tasks; each of which can be further broken down into sub tasks upto infinite levels. This ensures you plan the details, add people at each level and communicate effectively. It is also linked with emails.

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  • When to use Tangish.com

    When to use Tangish.com

    For teams of upto 100 people, it is a perfect fit. Running it across multiple large organisations as well. Can also manage external teams, or teams spread across geographies.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Absolutely. It was designed to allow people to work from anywhere. We can share a discount coupon code specifically for remote.tools.
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