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What is Troop Messenger?

Troop Messenger is a team chat application that keeps both the communication and collaboration within the teams at the same pace either they work inside the office or outside i.e. work from home.

  • About Troop Messenger

    About Troop Messenger

    Using Troop Messenger, you can send or receive text, files, images, media, and other important data seamlessly. Without hassles, this tool lets you assign the work to the remote teams, track the progress, monitor and manage all your teams wherever you are.

    Besides, this remote working tool is accessible over the web and mobile apps (both Android and iOS) that eases any task in a fly.

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  • When to use Troop Messenger

    When to use Troop Messenger

    It used for Team communication and collaboration

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Troop Messenger is a compact remote work tool for small, medium, and large enterprises. This high functionality, low-complexity tool addresses various domain specificities. Team members can interact via instant messaging, audio and video calling, location and file sharing, and by creating unlimited groups on the go.
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Troop Messenger Reviews

  • Ritika guruva

    Troop Messenger is a unified workspace that helps to bring your office workforce to communicate your project work. This ready-to-use SaaS team collaboration tool is geared up with full-scale office messaging abilities including, chat, group audio-video conferencing, file sharing, attachment preview, remote screen share and control, powerful search filters to view chat conversations, integrations, and more.
    It helps the users create unlimited groups for projects, teams, locations, etc. The users can experience a smooth transition taking place while moving from a group chat to group calling. Teams can join virtual meetings from remote locations across the devices of desktop, mobile, and browser. This tool meets every communication and collaboration need of Start ups, SMBs, large enterprises, and more with its business focussed and work productivity features.

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  • sathvik jyothi

    A high-trust team collaboration platform with simple UI.

    Though Troop Messenger’s SaaS edition secures your team collaboration work. You can get high-end security with its service model, On-premise, to save your work conversations and shared files within your private cloud and server. This end-to-end work collaboration software tool offers a wide range of features that can be used for collaboration, team productivity, and virtual meetings letting you connect across desktop, mobile, and the web from anywhere any time.
    The learning curve is pretty simple with Troop Messenger as it offers easy-to-use features and facilities while reaching teammates and sharing work updates. Moreover, the sign-up process, onboarding, adding employees to the tool, admin dashboard, guest access controls, etc., are well-defined to make the user comfortable accessing the user-end application.

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  • Hansika Khod

    A developer-friendly collaboration tool.
    Our developers share their code with other developers within Troop Messenger in their preferred programming language. Isn’t that a rare and wonderful feature? Yes, you have heard it right!
    Troop Messenger has a code editor, a feature called the code snippet. It allows the users of the application to write the project code in the languages like APL, PGP, C++, Cobol, Javascript, Json, My SQL, PHP, and more. The code is shared across the 1:1 and group conversations window. In addition to this, it provides a smart developer collaboration feature, wherein they can write and edit the programming code simultaneously while they share the same audio-video group call using the feature, Jointly Code. It is a time-saver feature for developers.

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