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What is Troopr?

All in One Slack bot which provides - JIRA Slack integration, Slack standup bot, Task management on Slack

  • About Troopr

    About Troopr

    Troopr Assistant runs your projects and standup meetings directly in Slack. Troopr Daily Briefing provides you a quick, actionable overview of tasks, JIRA issues, standups, reminders and more.
    Save time and get more done in Slack!

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  • When to use Troopr

    When to use Troopr

    Very useful for Agile teams and Remote teams.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Teams can collaborate on slack for their projects and standups. For example, standup has user timezone support so teams will get notifications,reports and reminder as per their time zone. With activity tracker, notifications, full project and task views and interactive responses, teams will not be needing to be at a same place(even on call) to do their work.
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