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What is Unicorn Train?

Unicorn Train is the easiest way for teammates to recognize each other for doing great things. Start building relationships, boosting morale, and encouraging awesomeness today

  • About Unicorn Train

    About Unicorn Train

    Build a stronger, more effective team by celebrating top contributors with fun awards, home office perks, or bonuses to keep your team engaged 🙌

    Unicorn Train integrates with your team’s favorite collaboration tools to provide a seamless and consistent experience 🚀 Connect both Slack and GitHub and discover the missing ingredient to building your team culture

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  • When to use Unicorn Train

    When to use Unicorn Train

    Remote teams that collaborate on Slack or development teams using GitHub

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Fosters a cohesive remote team culture by rewarding engaged teammates and exceptional contributors
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