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What is Unmeeting?

Unmeeting helps remote teams work closer. Team members join over live video for timed catch-ups. Short video messages can be shared for overcoming timezone differences.

  • About Unmeeting

    About Unmeeting

    Unmeeting is available as a desktop sidebar app on Mac and Windows. You may sign in with Slack or email. Then it's effortless to connect with your teammates by joining a live video session. After having a live session, record a summary so that other team members may catch up later.

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  • When to use Unmeeting

    When to use Unmeeting

    Teams that have remote workers who want to grow closer and overcome distance.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Unmeeting is built specifically for remote or hybrid-remote teams who want to stay in touch more easily.
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  • Vijay Perumal

    Nice video app for remote teams.

           reply     1      over 4 years ago

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