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What is UnRemot?

UnRemot is a video based platform for remote working, that enables one-on-one or group collaborations on single tap videos - most suited for daily, repetitive collaborations among teams.

  • About UnRemot

    About UnRemot

    What we have built is a desktop-only application that allows users to set up nearly an office-like environment to collaborate among teams. The outcome is a virtual environment that resembles an office setting where teammates get to see each other anytime, as if sitting next to each other in a physical office. This eliminates the need for calendar invites, sharing meeting URLs etc.

  • Pricing


    • Currently available for free.
  • When to use UnRemot

    When to use UnRemot

    Remote teams can use UnRemot daily to have one to one communication with team members or team meetings. The idea is to create a virtual office environment, where speaking to your colleagues is a shoulder tap away.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • UnRemot is rigorously working on making the remote work experience so pleasant and simple that more & more people adapt it. We would like to offer 6 month free usage to RemoteTools audience.
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