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What is Wingman?

With Wingman your sales team can close deals from anywhere:
Automatic audio & video recordings
Asynchronous sales coaching
Realtime note-taking and cues

  • About Wingman

    About Wingman

    Wingman brings the power of AI for real-time sales coaching & conversation intelligence to sales teams. It helps sales teams address challenges like: What makes my A reps special? How can I help improve my reps' bad habits like filler words, long monologues? How do I ramp up my new sales reps faster? Is this deal actually going to close?

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  • When to use Wingman

    When to use Wingman

    Wingman is designed for inside sales teams of all sizes.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Wingman helps sales teams ensure that they have better visibility into all sales conversations, share best practices and provide asynchronous coaching.
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