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What is Worklog?

Track tasks in your browser with your favorite time tracker

  • About Worklog

    About Worklog

    Worklog Tracker extension helps you seamlessly track time and automatically synchronize work logs between different time trackers. The extension works well with Jira, Toggl, Keen and Yandex.Tracker.

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    • Free forever
  • When to use Worklog

    When to use Worklog

    Automate and sync time-tracking between different trackers right out of your browser.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • We're developers, who like to optimize everything. What we don’t like - is redundant and useless work. So, when we had to track several tasks simultaneously using different trackers (including Jira, which is always painful), or migrate between them, we felt the need for an app like Worklog.
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