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10,000ft's high-level project and resource management software helps modern teams make confident decisions about project planning, team capacity, budget forecasting, team utilization and hiring needs in real time.

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Award-winning resource management, project planning, and time tracking software empowers modern teams to make confident decisions. Through simple but powerful design, 10,000ft makes it easy for teams to surface critical data across projects and people and keep high-level outcomes top of mind. Over 1,000 of the most innovative companies - in industries ranging from management consulting, IT, and marketing to architecture, construction, and retail - rely on 10,000ft to scale their businesses.

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    Relevance to Remote Work

    Unlike software that’s mostly focused on task checklists or project workflows, 10,000ft makes it easy for everyone to access critical information like project budgets, team utilization, staffing conflicts, and hiring needs.
    Teams who use 10,000ft feel empowered because key data is always visible, so everyone can more easily make day-to-day decisions and focus on doing the work they love, rather than managing it.

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