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What is 360Katas?

360Katas is an open source app that helps you get candid feedback by offering the safety of anonymity to your respondents. It is built on the principles of 360-degree feedback!

  • About 360Katas

    About 360Katas

    360Katas helps users discover self-development goals using the principles of 360 degree feedback methodology:

    1. Seek feedback from everyone around us - Managers, Peers, Subordinates - and not just Managers, and
    2. Encourage respondents to give honest feedback by creating safety of anonymity for them.

    But is re-designed to overcome its serious shortcomings

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  • When to use 360Katas

    When to use 360Katas

    360Katas is used when individuals want to improve themselves and seek feedback from co-workers for this purpose

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • To enable efficient remote work, we need to enable as open culture where co-workers can share honest feedback with each other without any friction. This will in turn increase trust and build camaraderie in the team. 360Katas helps in this front!
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