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What is CTO.ai?

Easily bring your developer tools where communication happens. CTO.ai is the shared command-line for teams, in Slack

  • About CTO.ai

    About CTO.ai

    Slack-first, serverless DevOps platform for automating developer workflows in the CLI + Slack, without having to build for each specific platform. In short, streamline and accelerate your development team by enabling DevOps on Slack. We call it SlackOps

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  • When to use CTO.ai

    When to use CTO.ai

    If you want to bring velocity, observability, and simplicity to your DevOps automation and developer workflows

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • CTO.ai gives remote developers and distributed engineering teams a flexible workflow platform that allows for running automations in Slack + on your phone
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