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What is Done?

We’ve built Done to make work-life simpler wherever you are and make your workflows just flow.
Chats. Calendar. To-Dos. Files. One app.
It's all here, and all Done.

  • About Done

    About Done

    💬 Communicate with your team, clients, or whoever you want.
    📅 Find your entire team's availability in one place and plan meetings, no more scheduling conflicts
    ✔ Create your own to-dos or with your colleagues. Categorize your tasks and stay on top of all your projects.
    📁All your work files in one spot. Both your team's and your own.
    We want to help you achieve more and switch apps less.

  • Pricing


    • Free forever
  • When to use Done

    When to use Done

    If your team is newly remote, or your current workflow involves several software suites and a heap of mishaps, it's time to take it all to one simple, convenient, all-encompassing place. No more friction, missed emails, file permissions, scheduling conflicts, or miscommunications. All you need to simply achieve is here on Done.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • We know that upending a workflow to go remote and adapt can be tricky, and that your team is unique. Bring your team on board and schedule a team on-boarding to find what works best for you!
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