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About Heartpace

Heartpace gives all the tools you need to achieve remarkable results with highly engaged employees. Conduct prepared 1:1s Meetings, set OKRs and create an effective routine for your remote teams

Heartpace - Details & Top Features

Communication is key for engaged remote teams. 1:1s Meetings by Heartpace will help you to start regular, prepared talks and provide real-time feedback. Set goals, track results with OKRs and make your communications goal-oriented. Works perfectly for HRs who manage distributed teams. All core HR functions are adjusted for remote work

Heartpace pricing - How much does Heartpace cost?

  • Free trial
  • 5 euro per user (less for teams more than 50+)
  • Check out the complete pricing options for Heartpace.

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    Heatpace aligns your remote teams around a common strategy

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