Employee Engagement:Fellow.app - Logo
Fellow helps managers and their teams have more effective 1-on-1s and team meetings, exchange feedback, and track goals - all in one place!
Employee Engagement:Spark’n - Logo
Team suffering Zoom / Meet / MS Teams fatigue? Spark'n up with a unique 15m online experience in your next virtual team meeting — ignite creativity, build team cohesion & stimulate productivity
Employee Engagement:Nailted - Logo
Nailted guides you, and your entire organization, to apply best practices on employee engagement toward the creation of a culture that everyone wants to belong to
Employee Engagement:Heartpace - Logo
Heartpace gives all the tools you need to achieve remarkable results with highly engaged employees. Conduct prepared 1:1s Meetings, set OKRs and create an effective routine for your remote teams
Employee Engagement:TeamBuddy - Logo
Teambuddy is a web app integrated with Slack - it'll help you build a better team
Employee Engagement:Peoplebox - Logo
Helping managers build high achieving teams through meaningful one-on-ones, continuous feedback, motivation & performance tracking and closing action items that matter.
Employee Engagement:Kaapi - Logo
Kaapi helps remote leaders build happy high-performance, remote teams. Kaapi has 120+ well-researched questions in its library, which can be used by managers to check in with their teams automatically
Employee Engagement:Kooler - Logo
Kooler is a platform for building culture amongst remote teams. Celebrate your company values. Enable opportunities for organic discussions
Employee Engagement:Teamo - Logo
Teamo is a social, lively corporate group card for teams that's suited for any occasion: welcoming a new hire, celebrating a teammate's birthday, thanking a summer intern and more
Employee Engagement:Plai - Logo
Align your team with OKRs, share regular feedback and recognition, conduct effective reviews, 1:1 meetings, and check-ins.
Employee Engagement:ChatFox - Logo
A Slack bot designed to help build a remote team culture. Icebreakers, Coffee Chats, Shout Outs, and more!
Employee Engagement: Lucky Carrot - Logo
Lucky Carrot is an all-in-one employee engagement platform that enhances engagement, makes employees feel recognized, and brings a thank-you culture to the workplace
Employee Engagement:Leapsome - Logo
Leapsome is a platform for performance management and employee engagement to help you build high-performing teams.
Employee Engagement:Elin.ai - Logo
Elin is a Slack app that gives remote teams real-time insights on engagement, mood, well-being, impact and collaboration.
Employee Engagement:Slido - Logo
Slido is a live audience interaction platform for meetings and events. It allows users to collect top questions for Q&A sessions, engage participants with live polls and capture valuable event data.
Employee Engagement:Culturely - Logo
Culturely helps you improve your people’s performance and also enhance your organization’s culture. Understand what your organization’s north star is through OKRs, 1:1, and other best-in-class tools
Employee Engagement:Dawfin - Logo
Dawfin is an employee engagement system that is designed to engage employees, keep them engaged, and encourages an amazing culture for your company.
Employee Engagement:CircleCare - Logo
CircleCare makes it fun and engaging to motivate your workforce to achieve their health goals and participate in custom challenges
Employee Engagement:EcardForest - Logo
EcardForest provides virtual group ecards that allow remote teams to sign on these cards and send them across to other members.
Employee Engagement:Lattice Pulse - Logo
Drive action and measure your impact with a continuous, real-time understanding of employee engagement.
Employee Engagement:Cooleaf - Logo
Cooleaf empowers you to engage your stakeholders and drive better business outcomes from anywhere in the world
Hold meetings, exchange feedback, and track goals - all in one place!
Energize your virtual team meetings
The employee engagement platform for modern People and HR teams
Platform for team leaders and HRs to engage employees
Team building for remote companies
Helping remote managers build high achieving teams
A simple and beautiful app for 1:1s and team meetings
Employee feedback and engagement for remote teams
Workplace Culture for Remote Teams
Corporate group card made social
People and performance management software
Conversations that build Remote Team Culture.
All-In-One employee engagement platform
Align, enable, and develop high-performing teams
Real-time insights on engagement, impact and collaboration
Live audience interaction platform for meetings and events
All-in-one people engagement platform
Engage, encourage, and grow your amazing team
Create private health and wellness communities
Ecards for a Group to Sign.
Real-time engagement insights about your people
Cooleaf powers extraordinary employee experiences