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About Inviited

Get on with real work 😎 with smart Meeting Scheduling. Say bye bye 👋 to email tag!

Inviited - Details & Top Features

"""Hey Mary, are you free next Wed 3pm Melbourne 🇦🇺, or Thu 9am, or Fri 11am. Can you check Rob & John's schedule as well please?"" This is common and frankly unnecessary. With Inviited's Scheduling link, your meeting attendees match your availability to theirs, and choose the best times that work for everyone. Inviited automatically creates Calendar entries & Zoom meeting links so meetings with your remote team / clients can happen! "

Inviited pricing - How much does Inviited cost?

  • Private Beta - completely free

  • Relevance to Remote Work

    "With Inviited, remote-first teams & global freelancers in different timezones and different calendars could easily meet & collaborate. We do this through surfacing out of work hours ⏱ and smart availability prediction 🤖. Google & Microsoft Calendar Sync 📅 are also supported out of the box. Exclusive to Remote Tools community. Sign up to Beta today for free, and get lifetime discount when we exit Beta next year!"

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