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What is Karma?

Karmabot is an in-chat peer recognition tool.

  • About Karma

    About Karma

    A chatbot that collects and processes in-chat data to build comprehensive performance reports and improve people culture. It lifts up the team morale while providing valuable insights for the leaders.

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  • When to use Karma

    When to use Karma

    Karmabot is a chatbot for better people culture and performance tracking on Slack, MS Teams and Telegram. We utilise the universally accepted '++' in-chat command upvoting. A concept very similar to Reddit karma: anyone can upvote anyone on chat. Applied to business chats the upvoting data provides valuable insights on team dynamics. Good vibes for the team and performance reports for the managers.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Inclusivity for a distributed team of 20+ people (average Karmabot customer) is a tough topic. Karmabot encourages recognition and appreciation within a team.
    • Use code "remote25" for 25% discount (yearly subscription)
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