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WEEK OF MAY 21, 2021

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What is Shuffleboard?

Shuffleboard lets you run workshop-style meetings by posting a question, taking submissions from participants, voting, and reporting

  • About Shuffleboard

    About Shuffleboard

    Shuffleboard is like Jackbox for meetings: ask a simple question, share the link, and gather ideas from your group.

    Stack cards just like real post-its, gather votes, and make better decisions at work

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  • When to use Shuffleboard

    When to use Shuffleboard

    Project/program/product managers at startups/agencies with a focus on great culture and great communication

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Shuffleboard is a remote replacement for IRL sticky-note brainstorm sessions. Run amazing workshops and remote meetings
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  • Sam Pierce Lolla

    Hey yall, Shuffleboard founder here 👋

    Our goal is to take the amazing benefits of big workshops (communication, better decisions) and bring them to every meeting at every company.

    Reach out anytime with questions! https://getshuffleboard.com/contact

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