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WEEK OF MAY 13, 2021

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What is TurnShift?

TurnShift is a Slack application to share tasks, duties, and manage rotations within your teams

  • About TurnShift

    About TurnShift

    Need to handle team rotations? Forget about hard-to-maintain shared calendars and impossible-to-find team schedules spreadsheets. Use a real team scheduling tool.

    Create one shift schedule per need. If you want to handle your API team's support and whole-company support, they will have their own space, and configuration

    TurnShift stays in sync with your Slack user lists so you can easily create teams and add users to them

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  • When to use TurnShift

    When to use TurnShift

    - Support & Product: Who's on customer support today?
    - Sales: Who's qualifying leads tomorrow?
    - Engineering: Who's reviewing pull requests this week?
    - Anytime you need to share recurring tasks as a team: TurnShift can help

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Boost you remote teams productivity by sharing tasks as a team
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