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WEEK OF APRIL 29, 2021

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What is wipshot?

wipshot is a reviewing, proofing & streamlining platform for creative contents

  • About wipshot

    About wipshot

    As much as we love slack and dropbox, it probably isn’t a good fit for the creative content today. wipshot is a free web app that helps to streamline reviewing, proofing, and feedback for videos and images between collaborators, creators and clients

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  • When to use wipshot

    When to use wipshot

    wipshot is a feedback sharing/proofing/reviewing platform pior to publishing. Thus, the best-fit customers are those that need to review image and video files, streamline their communication workflow; usually they’re in-house/outsourcing content managers, marketers, social media managers, content creators, and designers

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Remote workers can leave feedback directly on to the creative content itself
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    @connect, Global Marketing Manager, Connect wipshot

    Hey! Thanks for featuring us. We hope this tool can help you penetrate communication barriers during this difficult pandemic. We will continue to build a genuinely useful resource for the community.- wipshot.com

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