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WTEAM is a virtual workplace for remote & distributed teams. Make video calls, co-work, and chat in one click and celebrate success

WTEAM - Details & Top Features

WTEAM lets you: ⚡️Instant video/audio call(like tapping someone on the shoulder) 🖥 Screen sharing/cursor sharing - (remote controlling soon) ✅ Real-time presence( you are able to see which work app and which project your teammates are currently in) 💬 1-on-1 chat 📆 Group Meeting(unlimited minutes) 🎉 Room(customizable room for hanging out)

WTEAM pricing - How much does WTEAM cost?

  • WTEAM has freemium and premium model (8$/ month)
  • Check out the complete pricing options for WTEAM.

  • Relevance to Remote Work

    WTEAM provides team collaboration, communication and social interaction for remote teams

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