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About Doodle

Get together with Doodle. The simple way to decide on dates, places & more.

Doodle - Details & Top Features

Doodle simplifies getting a consensus whether to schedule a meeting or deciding on a place to meet. It executes this through a polling functionality. It also has native apps on both, Android and iOS. It bought Meekan in 2016, which is an AI chatbot that integrates with popular team chat collaboration tools such as Slack, and helps in easy scheduling of meetings.

Doodle pricing - How much does Doodle cost?

  • Free version available
  • Check out the complete pricing options for Doodle.

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    • Eric
      @eric, Project Manager, Kallu

      Pretty easy and cool tool to schedule something on the go. meeting, party, gathering. very straight forward and time saving solution.

             reply     0      over 3 years ago