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10 Competitors to Whimsical

Visual diagramming tool

When to use Whimsical

Can be used to create beautiful flowcharts and wireframes with speed and ease. It is useful for creating UX deliverables and also for leading collaborative exercises

Whimsical Competitor 1 - Klaxoon
Improve efficiency for remote teams

When to use Klaxoon

Klaxoon offers you smart tools to organize the interactions between each other. Quiz, Brainstorming, dynamic presentations, feedback at the end of the meeting, and more

Whimsical Competitor 2 - Screen Recorder
A minimal, ad-free screen recorder in your browser.

When to use Screen Recorder

Anyone who needs to capture a quick recording of their screen to either share for documentation or communication.

Whimsical Competitor 3 - Fluvid
Screen and Video Recording Software

When to use Fluvid

Using fluvid fastens recording of videos while instant sharing options helps the content reach audiences quickly.

The recording software provides controlled access to user for better privacy over content

Whimsical Competitor 4 - UIReview
Get instant feedback on your designs from colleagues or clients

When to use UIReview

Designers, developers, teams, remote teams.

Whimsical Competitor 5 - TeamSuccess
Set weekly goals with your remote team

When to use TeamSuccess

When your team is lacking focus and struggles with productivity.

Whimsical Competitor 6 - Knock.
A virtual office for distributed teams

When to use Knock.

If you want your team to have a better real-time collaboration.

Whimsical Competitor 7 - Creately
Online canvas for visual collaboration and diagramming

When to use Creately

Use it as a collaborative whiteboard for teams working remotely or in the same location

Whimsical Competitor 8 - Metro Retro
Run productive, engaging and fun retrospectives.

When to use Metro Retro

Anytime a team wants to run a retrospective, futurespective or any type of post-it based group activity.

Whimsical Competitor 9 - Greenlight
Greenlight makes it easy to leave feedback on any website

When to use Greenlight

This product is great for marketers, designers, product and project managers to collaborate on a live app

Whimsical Competitor 10 - CloudApp
Capture and Share Instantly

When to use CloudApp

We help companies communicate visually. Marketing, customer support, and engineering teams all use CloudApp to quickly capture and share their screen with others