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The Remote Work Chronicles‍

remote work report - introduction

1. Ex-digital nomad is erasing borders & growing remote work with Crypto

Justin's 13 yrs of nomad life involved corporate finance in Japan & Korea, scaling 3 e-commerce startups in Vietnam and working in SaaS & EdTech in France amidst other things.

2. Travel YouTuber & Head of B2B Partnerships at Safety Wing, Megan's no less than a Superwoman

From Ottawa, Canada, Megan has been location independent in the remote space for 5+ years and coaches career-driven pros find remote jobs

3. Diagnosed with chronic illness, remote work changed Jennifer's life

Senior Manager of Design Community Partnerships InVision, Jennifer is a blogger, published in Net Magazine, Creative Bloq, Modus, A List Apart, UX Mag, Startup Grind, Inside Design, Yahoo News, etc.

4. A writer, marketer & entrepreneur who’s worked remotely for 20+ yrs, Peter Fritz aces remote work!

From Melbourne, Australia, Peter is the founder of OfficeAnywhere.co and a writer, web designer, and marketer

5. Entrepreneur for 25 yrs, 3 successful exits & YC startup, Peter Pezaris shares lessons from managing remote teams.

Check out his learnings on remote hiring, building remote culture, why you should invest in tools & much more.

6. Florian, Security Architect at Atlassian, started working from home when he got his dog, Loki.

From Ruhr Valley, Germany, Florian studied IT Security at Ruhr University Bochum. He recently moved to Sydney, Australia to work for Atlassian and transitioned into a remote role and relocated to Adelaide.

7. Alexandra is a remote content marketer who wants to build & live worthwhile experiences, meet amazing people, and stay happy.

Currently in Romania, she's a freelance SaaS writer & SEO strategist and a failed YouTuber (still trying).

8. Jason's story is full of intrigue & practical advice since he's achieved success in diverse fields.

From Daytona Beach, Florida, he's the founder of Converge, Catalyst Brand Group; ex-host of 'Grow Like A Pro Show' and Content Marketing Manager for Motava.

9. Andriy is a freelance wordpress dev who loves new challenges

From RzeszΓ³w, Poland, he's a WordPress dev & consultant who builds membership & e-learning sites.

10 Lived in Istanbul, travelled across Asia, Spain & South America, Nuria has done it all

From a village near Barcelona, Nuria is into web design, SEO writing, Copy Writing & Social Media Marketing. She's also studied Tourism Management and has multiple Master's degrees.

11. Scott's priority, his family, made him an accidental remote worker and he has been enjoying working remotely for 22 years now!

Scott is a web designer who lives in upstate New York. He's worked remotely for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, built a custom home with his wife & raised 2 kids.

12. Teresa is a people manager, author, chai opportunist & remote work advocate since 2010

Native Californian, living in Vancouver, she's the co-author of Working Remotely: Secrets to Success for Employees on Distributed Teams. Teresa works for Kaplan and spends free time running, knitting, playing guitar or with family

13. Ryan has been a remote developer for 15 years & works as a lead engineer now, leading like StarTrek's Chief O'Brien

Professional dev for ~15 yrs, Ryan's mostly worked remotely, except for a couple stints in office. He works mostly as the lead engineer for a mid-sized replatforming project, and is an architect + hands-on coder

14. Ben is a Product Designer who is into minimalism, interior design, and photography.

Product Designer at Doist, Ben has a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. He's freelanced in web design and got into UI / UX design. He has also worked remotely for companies like Google, Tesco, and MGemi.

15. Relja took the risk of leaving a steady corporate job to pursue a freelancing career, and has been enjoying it for over 9yrs now.

From Belgrade, Serbia, he is a Computer Science graduate and has been a developer with various eCommerce platforme. He loves to travel & hence became a digital nomad.

16. Workplaceless' CMO, Jacqueline, tells how she's pursuing the career she loves while being an incredible mom by working remotely for 5+ years.

Chief Marketing Officer at Workplaceless, she's been working remotely for 5 yrs and loves travel.

17. Calvin is an M&A banker who escaped working 15 hours in a cubicle to travel the world

Founder of Life Reimagined, he graduated with a degree in public policy. He's also led teams at Toptal and spends time writing, podcasting & surfing.

3.18 After working 7+ yrs as a designer in-office, Nick realised he had to do something of his own & spend more time with family.

Currently based in Perth, Nick runs a bespoke branding/ marketing studio with his wife Kirby and has worked remotely for the past 3 yrs.

19. Lindsay is a super mom who's managed searching for job days after having a newborn & relocating at the same time while having it her own way.

She's been working remotely since 2012 and advocating for remote work on her blog Double Fourteen. She also works as a development coordinator for Deep Vellum.

20. Frederick is an active political campaigner & history buff who works remotely to live his passion for traveling

Currently the VP of Growth at Blockonomics, he's studied International Relations at Franklin University, Switzerland. He loves traveling and is interested in history.

21. Maker eunoia.world, femake.tech, begreat.me, nomadhubb.com, a dev & nomad, Steph left her cozy consulting job & 2+ hours commute to redesign her life.

Steph is a growth marketer, writer, and indie maker. She's worked for 3 yrs at Toptal. She now works remotely at The Hustle as a Senior Analyst and has explored 52 countries

22. Sylvia is an engineer who works remotely to be able to choose her own work environment and schedule

From Phoenix, Arizona, Sylvia has a Masters degree in Software Engineering from ASU. She's a full-time remote employee at IFS and develops mobile apps for field service management

23. Sales consultant & coach, @brendanmcadams has been working remotely for 10+ yrs.

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Brendan has been a self-employed sales consultant/ coach to health tech companies. He's also the co-founder at Expertscape.

24 Shannon decided to work while backpacking around the world 10-15 yrs back when the digital nomad movement wasn’t so strong & neither were Wifi signals.

She's spent 15 years working on SEO, and is a a digital nomad who shares her solo travel experience on her blog. She majored in college with marketing and public relations.

25. 10 years ago, Niall quit nine-to-five to live an adventure as a digital nomad

From Ireland, Niall worked his last office job in the US. He's worked as a freelance web developer & project manager and runs a website called eBizFacts.com, where he helps people make money online.

26. Taras didn't want to get stuck in this rut. So he chose to start his own business, Calbot, remotely

He's been in the UK for 11 years and studied Management and Computer Science at University of Leeds. He also previously ran another business called Crypto Daddy.

27. Nick & Dariece are a 30-yr-old couple from Canada who've been traveling & working on the road for 8 yrs

They run several blogs together and have been traveling & working on the road since 2012. They love connecting with people online, sharing travel stories, & working on different online businesses.

28. Jane Geddes is a remote PM & Supermom who left Silicon Valley for a beautiful island

Jane is a marketing communications manager & project management professional. She studied environmental design.

Full story here.

29. Jeanette is a lawyer, Domain Name Consultant, VP of Marketing & Supermom working remotely for 8+ yrs

She lives in Los Angeles, and likes the diverse nature surrounding it. Jeanette is a lawyer specialised in domain name disputes and VP of Marketing at Desktop.com.

30. Forbes’ VP of SEO & best-selling author, Jonathan stumbled upon remote working and started loving it.

At Forbes, Jonathan manages a remote team called 'Marketplace.' He is the co-author of 'Mastering In-house SEO' and has previously worked at Money Super Market.

31. Thom has been writing world-class content while exploring the wilds of Scotland

Content writer & editor at Process Street, he's been working remotely for 3+ yrs and is an avid traveller.

32. Hannah is a bestselling author who has worked remotely for 10+ years

Hannah is the Operations Manager at Running Remote and lives in Peak District of the UK. She's passionate about helping people change their lives through travel and is also an Amazon bestselling author.

Full story here.

33. Joe is a self-taught programmer and travel-holic who adores flexibility

From Lancaster, England, Joe is the CTO of Knoma.io and a travel-holic. His very first app was downloaded 10k times in one week.

Full story here.

34. Emilie is a remote data engineer who loves reading books and doing CrossFit

She was the first Data Analyst at GitLab and at a couple of tech startups. Emilie loves adventuring with her husband and dog and has a Major in Politics.

Full story here.

35. Remote work helped Rhys follow his passion and focus on personal life

From New Zealand, Rhys has lived in Australia, Sweden and Norway. He loves astrophotography and is currently a front-end designer/ developer for a Swiss-based software company

Full story here.

36. Vlad moves from country to country every 6 months

He does not have a permanent residence and has been working remotely for 5+ yrs. He's presently running marketing & growth at Paperform.

Full story here.

37. Himanshu is a product & UX designer who loves exploring wilderness & outdoors

From Rajasthan, India, Himanshu built a side-project which helps people finding remote jobs in India. He loves exploring wilderness and outdoors and has acquired a massive interest towards rock-climbing.

Full story here.

38. Alda is a freelance translator and interpreter who loves traveling

Alda is an English – Brazilian, Portuguese translator and interpreter. She's been freelancing for 11 years and loves experiencing different places and cultures.

Full story here.

39. A backend dev who’s built 3 companies and works remotely as a freelancer, Shane is an entrepreneur at heart

Founder of The Match Artist and Midwest Streams, Shane is originally from a tiny town in North Dakota and graduated from NDSU.

Full story here.

40. Thanks to working remotely, Siddhanth built a startup on the side and open-sourced 7 Python libraries

Born and raised in New Delhi, Sidharth is located in Munich, Germany. He's a software developer and entrepreneur.

Full story here.

41. From fighting Atlanta traffic to becoming a remote work evangelist, Chanell has lived an interesting experience

A remote freelance writer, Channel is from Atlanta, Georgia and a graduate of the University of Georgia and Georgia State University. She enjoys a good soccer game and plane ride abroad.

Full story here.

42. From Denver to Living and Working Remotely across 50 Countries, Reid is happiest when barefoot

Born in Denver, Colorado, Reid has been living and working internationally, remotely across 50 countries for 4yrs.

Full story here.

43. Al, ex-Google, current Coda Architect is a proud data lover and remote worker

Born and raised in Michigan, he studied finance in NYC and started his career at Google.

Full story here.

44. Of cooking pasta, writing JavaScript and working remotely with Francesco

JavaScript Developer for Streamroot, he's studied Cultural Mediation in Padua. He's a self-taught web developer. He likes to write what he's learned, love's cooking and runs a lot, reads even more and binges on Netflix.

Full story here.

45. Fernanda went from a fashion stylist to a digital nomad writer and translator

From SΓ£o Paulo, Brazil, Fernanda is a freelance writer and translator. Her clients are international companies that want to reach the Brazilian audiences.

Full story here.

46. The Cocoa Nomad, Alondo shares his remote (work) journey over 10+ years

A location independent software developer, Alondo grew up in Georgia (Atlanta) and the Carolinas (Charleston, Goldsboro). He's a military brat. He's been working remotely for almost 10 years and has worked from more than 30 countries.

Full story here.

47. Laura has had an interesting journey through Product Design, Travelling & Digital Nomading

Laura initially wanted to study literature and become a teacher, but pursued International Relations to leave Portugal. She's worked in various roles around the world and is the Customer Advocate at InVision.

Full story here.

48. Irma went from studying psychology to being the first remote employee to a remote PM

Originally from Miami, Florida (FL), Irma lives in Indianapolis, Indiana (IN). She's worked remotely for 3 years, both as a Project Manager and a Product Manager and has a huge passion for technology.

Full story here.

49. Creating modern, pixel-perfect websites while freelancing (remotely) is Silvestar's forte

A fearless web engineer, CSS developer, JAMstack enthusiast, and WordPress theme specialist, Silvestar lives in Osijek, Croatia. He has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and likes to write new articles on his blog.

Full story here.

50. Boris' journey ranges from working remotely part-time to building a remote-first company

Co-founder of the company RemoteMore, Boris has worked remotely since 2016. He lives in Berlin, Germany

Full story here.

51. Melissa travelled the world while running her business: 16 countries in 12 months

She's also known as The PVA (The Personal Virtual Assistant), and is the Founder & CEO of the Association of Virtual Assistants and The PVA. She's also written two books on the subject.

Full story here.

52. Gabriel went from being a skeptic to a solid advocate of remote work

A growth marketer (and the first marketing hire) at V2 Cloud, Gabriel was born in Quebec and studied business management with a major in marketing.

Full story here.

53. Candace is a content creator who finds comfort & mental wellbeing in remote work

A Seattle-area content creator, she was raised in Nashville, and now lives in the Pacific Northwest with boyfriend and golden retriever. She has a Bachelor’s degree in public relations and volunteers as a content writer and graphic designer for local non-profit.

Full story here.