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12 Competitors to ScatterNote

A note-taking app for networked thought

When to use ScatterNote

If you have a project with many interconnected parts that need to be documented

ScatterNote Competitor 1 - Taky
Write ideas down as fast as they come up

When to use Taky

Taky comes from the need to have a web app that allows you to quickly write an idea.

ScatterNote Competitor 2 - Amplenote
Flexible notes and tasks, built by productivity enthusiasts

When to use Amplenote

Amplenote is built foremost for power users: people whose livelihood depends on staying organized and communicating richly. Note takers need the smallest number of features that can support the broadest variety of uses.

ScatterNote Competitor 3 - Google Keep
A personal note-taking app for everyone.

When to use Google Keep

Ideal for taking notes and keeping personal thoughts organized.

ScatterNote Competitor 4 - Octo
A writing app for developers

When to use Octo

Octo is typically used to write articles, take notes on current projects, and store code snippets

ScatterNote Competitor 5 - Zoho Notebook
Notes synced across devices and to the cloud.

When to use Zoho Notebook

If you want to take notes with ease and boost your productivity.

ScatterNote Competitor 6 - TheNote.app
Keep chains of private and public notes

When to use TheNote.app

• Save private notes with photo, video, generic file attachments and links
• Offline notes creation and search
• Pin notes on the first screen of your storage
• Background sync between devices
• Support for an unlimited number of devices for one account
• Use web interface at https://thenote.app to edit your notes on the big desktop screen
• Share notes
• No ads in app
• RTL support

ScatterNote Competitor 7 - Obsidian
Obsidian is a powerful front-end for your knowledge, like an IDE for your notes

When to use Obsidian

Obsidian lets you capture your ideas and take notes in text (Markdown) files, and most importantly, it easily connects your notes and visualizes connections among them

ScatterNote Competitor 8 - GetCommit
Effortless knowledge transfer for remote teams

When to use GetCommit

GetCommit is geared for remote-heavy teams with 20 people and more. The team runs many siloed systems and things are getting lost in Slack and email

ScatterNote Competitor 9 - Notion
All-in-one workspace to collaborate and share notes.

When to use Notion

For teams who use multiple collaboration tools such as docs, spreadsheets, asana etc. regularly but not extensively and want to switch to a singular app

ScatterNote Competitor 10 - Notejoy
Notejoy is a collaborative notes app for you and your team.

When to use Notejoy

If you want to keep your remote team or external partners & clients on the same page in the simplest, lightest-weight tool available, Notejoy is for you.

ScatterNote Competitor 11 - OneNote
Microsoft's solution to all kinds of note-keeping and file types.

When to use OneNote

Note taking for meetings and daily use for organising everyday files.

ScatterNote Competitor 12 - Organizedly
Unlock your true productivity

When to use Organizedly

Organizedly is built on connecting information and intuitive tagging, where you don't have to think about where you place your information